Fifty Shades of Meh

The greatest curse a bad movie can have is the bane of mediocrity; of an execution that is neither massively incompetent nor exceptional, is comfortable but lacking charm, and/or devoid of innovative, creative plot and characters. Change any one of these elements and a film can become interesting; romantic comedies of the 90’s and 00’s may have been bland, sexist, heterosexist, and smarmy, but they were at least charming in their character’s positivity.

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Cosplay is more than simply dressing up as a preferred character; it’s a form of self-expression, identifying with a (usually fictional) character on a level beyond simple admiration or appreciation. It takes time and effort to dress up like a favorite superhero or video game fighter or animated antagonist, and that time is hard to … More #28DaysOfBlackCosplay

GAMES | A Queer Moment in Mafia 3 Made Me Feel Things

When the world seems too bleak I often find myself delving into a video game to occupy my thoughts with imaginary worlds. Which explains why I recently found myself playing Mafia 3, a game where an oppressed protagonist takes revenge upon power hungry racists. Total escape from reality, right? Although the framework of the Mafia … More GAMES | A Queer Moment in Mafia 3 Made Me Feel Things